Sleep Number Delivery Nightmare

We went out to buy a new bed on August 24th. Went to the Amish mattress store, then to Mattress King and finally to Sleep Number. When we first tried the sleep number in their little gimicky bed where they dial you up and down, I was ready to leave, as the base beds are really not that comfortable. But when I tried the bed with memory foam on top, I was sold with the idea. So we bought the bed.

We were told it would take up to 2 weeks for delivery, so we were thrilled when we got an email a few days later to schedule delivery of the bed. Here is where the nightmare starts.

The delivery company that handles sleep number is apparently overloaded with work to the point they can only offer Mondays and Wednesdays for delivery … at least until you let them know these days don’t work. Initially it appeared Monday would work, but that dream faded when the window was set for 4 hours in the afternoon. Then the jostling began with Monday, then Wednesday, then Monday, then Wednesday. Neither day is good, especially for a 2-6 PM window, which is all they can offer.

When it pushed well into the land of ridiculousness, they came up with a Tuesday, on September 24th. A month for delivery seems a bit long to me. Yes, I realize the delivery company only has so much time, but a company selling products at this price should have some clue when something is going to take well over the time they have their sales personnel mentioning.

I am sure I will be happy with the bed, if it ever gets installed in my house. I also take this as a learning lesson not to buy something this costly unless you can get some type of guarantee on the delivery date.

Peace and Grace,

Twitter: @gbworld