Installing the Kanban Process Template

I am working on material on using Kanban in TFS, largely to examine its feasibility in a project I am working on at this time. TFS 2012 already has some Kanban visualizations and a board, if you install Update 1 (Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 can be downloaded here). Please note that TFS 2012 is a full install package. Both can also be pulled down from MSDN Subscriptions.

I will follow this blog entry with other entries on Kanban in VIsual Studio and TFS (primarily 2012).

Connect to Team Foundation Server

If you are already running off TFS, this step will already be completed. Click on the TEAM menu and then Connect to Team Foundation Server.


For your local box, the option should already show up. If not, the default is http://{machinename}:8080/tfs. This brings up a dialog where you can select a server. If you have to add, click the servers button and add using the format above.


Click connect.

Add the Process Template

In this case, I am adding the template from the Visual Studio ALM Rangers. It is found at You download the package (or the everything package) and unzip the process template(s). There is one for VS 2010 and one for VS 2012.

To install, you need to open the package manager. Here are the instructions in VS 2012, but the screens are the same in VS 2010.

First, open the package manager by clicking on TEAM, then Team Project Collection Settings and then Process Template Manager.


This brings up the manager:


You will then click Upload button and choose the folder where the ProcessTemplate.xml file is located. \


Click Select folder and it should start installing.


You will get this message when it is complete.


And Microsoft Kanban 1.0 will be installed.


And that is about all it takes. You can now create a new team project.

Create a Team Project

To create a team project, there are some differences in VS 2012 and 2010. In 2012, the Team Explorer automatically pops to the front when you attach to TFS with the option of creating a new project up front. You can then click on Create New Team Project and start the wizard.


In VS 2010, you have to right click on the top team explorer node and choose to create a project:


The wizard asks you to name your project.


Click next and choose the Microsoft Kanban 1.0 template:

If you are using Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2012, you will have to patch 2010 to work with TFS 2012. The Update is located here. If you are using TFS 2010, make sure you install the Dev 10 version of the template and you will be fine.

But Doesn’t Microsoft Have Kanban Now?

Glad you asked. Yes, there is a Kanban board in TFS 2012, if you have installed Update 1. It is part of the standard MSF for Agile Software Development Template. Not sure whether or not it can be used in the Scrum template. Either way, you will have to use the team project portal to use all of the features of the template. I will cover both these features and the ALM Rangers template in future posts.


This is a brief intro to Kanban in TFS focused on installing the template from VS ALM Rangers. Keep in touch and I will cover more of the features and how to implement them in a real world scenario. The best way to keep notified is to follow me on twitter, as I post my blog entries there.

Peace and Grace,

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