Error 1804 and the pace of development

I was just recently hit by the 1804 error (worker process for ASP.NET will not start). I went trhough all of the known steps and still could not fix the site. None helped. I removed any patches I recently installed related to anything .NET or IIS. Nope. Finally, I reinstalled the .NET runtime components (dotnetfx.exe) and it was fixed.
While Kathleen Dollard may have lamented how technology has made no-one competent, I believe the opposite part of the equation is a bit more dire. The pace of technology is leaving parts of the stack untested or at least not tested properly. In addition, information about how to fix things when the stack fails is poor.
I have to laud Microsoft’s efforts to bring us more and more information on how to develope. If the tools catch up before the next major paradigm shift, developers will, once again, be competent. If, however, the knowledge base and troubleshooting information is not kept up to date, there will always be developers (and perhaps admins) scrambling to fix errors for which there is no good documentation.
I solved my issue by doing a repair install. But, I am not sure I should have to do this to repair my instance. If someone had documented how to fix the issue, I could have avoided a reinstall. On a production server, this could have been dire. Fortunately, it was just a dev machine.
I love the fact there is new stuff out there, but I am also happy to see some groups (the SQL Server group in particular) have opted to slow down the changes in the stack and focus on changes that offer the biggest bang for the buck. Oh, well, off to learn acropolis now (and whatever buzzword popped up this week).