XBox Errors 013408 and 002408

  As of yesterday, April 13, 1023, a lot of people have been writing Microsoft about these two errors. As far as I can tell, the problems are only occurring on the free versions of the applications.

Let’s break down the errors:

013408 is an error stating that the application cannot download sponsored content. In short, it means the application cannot download any of the ads. This means there is a problem with the XBox connectivity to the ads that pop up in the free version.

002408 is, from what I can gather, a lack of connectivity with XBox Music. If you have played lately, you see a lot of ads from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. What this means, to me, is the error is related to the Ads for the album “The Heist” and the song “Thrift Shop”, both of which appear regularly on the free versions of Solitaire, Mahjong, TapTiles and Minesweeper (and perhaps others).

How to solve this error? There are a couple of options, as I see it. See note at bottom for a local item that may be root cause. Yes, my list is a bit tongue in cheek (if one actually works, fire back a comment).

  1. Wait for Microsoft to fix the error. This is on their end and I would imagine it will be Monday before they jump on this issue, due to the small numbers of peeps actually complaining and the fact it draws in so little revenue.
  2. Google and wait for Microsoft to fix the error. I like this option for a couple of reasons: a) it will show you this is systemic and not your computer (and perhaps stop you from doing something drastic) and b) it is most likely what got you here.
  3. Complain and wait for Microsoft to fix it. This might push Microsoft over the edge if you can campaign to make the issue big enough to get some traction.
  4. Reboot your computer and wait for Microsoft to fix the error. This is on their end, but if rebooting makes you less likely to go postal and kill someone, I am all for this option.
  5. Check the firewall to see if it is blocked (Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Firewall) and wait for Microsoft to fix the error. Nothing wrong with checking firewall.
  6. Check if the XBox Service is running (Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Services) and when you find it running wait for Microsoft to fix the error. It does not hurt to know where this is.
  7. Restore your computer from System Restore and wait for Microsoft to fix the error. This is a bit more extreme, in my opinion, as you can lose programs you recently installed, but knock yourself out if it makes you feel good.
  8. Reinstall Windows 8 and wait for Microsoft to fix the error. Very drastic, but it is a good idea to go through this pain at least once in a lifetime to understand how painful it is. Winking smile

If I find anything other than “wait for Microsoft to fix it”, I will share. Note that this applies to today and may or may not apply in the future. The short story, however, is the game is not able to contact external content and won’t work for that reason. If you are using a paid version, then you should be a bit more bitchy about it, as the paid versions should get rid of these types of checks. On the other hand, these error seem to be related to ad content, so any time they appear it is more than likely on the Microsoft end.

NOTE: KBs were installed recently (mostly office and developer products, but there were three security/windows updates (KB2808735 (kernel mode driver), KB2817183 (Internet Explorer) and KB2822241 (Windows 8)) installed in the past few days). If someone is hitting the games and has not installed these, it would be interesting, as the issue could be tied to one of the KBs. While any of them could affect some connectivity, I would guess it is one of the last two and especially focus on the Internet Explorer cumulative update, as IE is so ubiquitous in Windows products.

Peace and Grace,

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