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Friday morning

We have now confirmed that the mass is cancerous. We are now figuring out staging to determine prognosis. No matter what, she will have six months or more of treatments, including chemotherapy. It is not the hand I would have like to have been dealt, but it is the one I must play with. I will write more when I have more news. 

Thursday morning update

Two bits of good news over the last day. First, her bone scan came back normal. I am not completely sure what this means, but I know it is good news. Second, they do not see other masses in her torso, although they still have to rescan the right side lung.
She is a bit moody and tired of being in the hospital but she is eating and the fever is better. Today or tomorrow we should find out what is wrong and what the next steps are.
On the other side, we still have three other girls. We sat them down with Child Life yesterday and talked a bit about what was going on. All of the children are a bit distanced from it. They have homework to write down a question they want to know about Miranda.

Morning Update

The procedure was successful and they have what they need to determine what is happening with Miranda. Now we just have to wait two or three days to find out what is wrong. She is doing better fever wise, but needs to start eating and drinking to be let go.
For those following the blog, I have removed a couple of entries at Tiffany’s request. I am a very open person, so I am more inclined to talk about everything. She is more reserved and feels uncomfortable about it. As I respect her deeply and love her dearly, I am agreeing to respect her wishes on specifics, especially when nobody is 100% sure what we are dealing with. I will definitely let everyone know how she was doing and will update what is happening when there is more firm information.

Scan planned

The sectional CT scan and the biopsy are scheduled for 3 PM today. They are going to scan the full trunk and also do two sticks, guided by either ultrasound or CT. The first is to biopsy the mass. The second is to get some of the fluid surrounding the mass. The fluid is likely from the pleura, but they want to check and make sure. She will likely be under a bit more than an hour.

Morning update

Miranda is not on the schedule yet for the biopsy. My wife talked to the resident this morning and she was going to find out when she would be scheduled this morning. I am heading over to the hospital shortly to see what is going on. I will update as soon as I know more. 

Dinner time update

I have been mushroomed through much of this and I only get small amounts of information. I am finding that some of the information I have is incorrect.
I now have a clarification that the mass is NOT liquid, but there is liquid around it. I would guess this is the white blood cells attacking the infection source (the mass?). They took an X-Ray and the liquid has increased in volume, so it is a critical time to get some antibiotics in her system to fight the infection. We can then focus on the mass.
THeyhave tried six times to get an IV started and it finally took in her foot. Her case has been turned over to haematology and oncology, so blood and masses (potentially cancer?) are the focus now. She is still in an emergency room bed, as there are no rooms at the inn.
I feel a bit blind at this moment, as I am separated from my wife and child, so I have to trust in God and the doctors that are caring for her.
I thank each of you for your prayers. They are appreciated.
Peace and Grace,

In the Hospital now

I just finished publishing the back history and my mother-in-law calls. She, my wife and Miranda are currently in the Emergency room (room C8), as there are no rooms ready yet.
From room C8, they will move up to an observation room and then to the room they are staying in. Tiffany is going to spend the night with her. Just before I hung up, the nurse was coming in to set up the IV. 

Waiting is the hard part

On August 26, 2007, my brother-in-law, Eric Fontaine ran in the inaugural Ironman Louisville. It is an event that is a bit bittersweet right now, as we also had a problem with Miranda, my youngest daughter.
The first evidence of a problem was Thursday night. We were planning on going out for dinner and were talking to the concierge for ideas. The girls were standing next to the downstairs fountain in the Galt Hotel and Miranda wanted me to pick her up. When I did she said "it hurts daddy". I then tried to put her up on my shoulders and she started crying.
When we got her down we noticed a lump on her back. My wife took her to the emergency room with my father-in-law. They did an X-Ray to see if anything was broken. At this point in time, we thought she might have injured herself in the room and were not thinking about anything other than some form of trauma. The Emerency room doctors suggested we see the pediatrician when we got back.
We had planned to go to Mammoth Cave on Monday, but when she complained about back pain on Sunday night, we scheduled to see her pediatrician Monday afternoon. The pediatrician scheduled an X-Ray for Thursday morning and we had a CT scan added to the mix that afternoon. As she had eaten, they could not sedate her and add the contrast dye.
On Friday morning, my wife called before feeding her and the doctor stated they were consulting (osteo, pulimary and oncology specialist). He also recommended she not feed her, as he was likely to schedule a CT scan, which would require sedation. They also wanted to do a shallow tissue biopsy.
By 2:15 PM, they had cancelled the CT and rescheduled for Tuesday. Looking at the mass, they wanted to do a deep tissue biopsy from the center of the mass. The waiting continues.
In the middle of the night, her fever spiked to 104.2 and she was vomiting. We called the nurse on call who suggested we use warm cloths to bring down the fever. If that did not work, give her a lukewarm bath, but get the bathroom warm before hand. Fortunately, between analgesics and the hand towel, the fever went down.
We took her back to the doctor at 10:20 AM and her white blood cell ratio was out of whack. The doctor called the hospital to have them set up admittance. They are going to put her on a heavy dose of fluids and anti-biotics. My wife went down with her mother and I have the other three girls.
At this point, here is all I know about the situation:
1. The mass is about 4.6 cm underneath the ribs with a smaller portion on the outside, underneath the muscle.
2. The mass is liquid or semi-liquid
3. She currently has an infection serious enough to warrant admittance to the hospital
4. They need to ge the infection cured before they can do a CT scan or biopsy, as they will have to sedate
The doctors have not given us much information, but there are some positive signs. The liquid nature of the mass is positive. The fact it does not appear to be in the lungs is positive. The fact it does not extend or start from the liver is positive.
I pray it is either an infection or a lipoma, as they would be the easiest to "cure". I would like say I am prepared for worse news, but I am not sure you ever can be.