Outsourcing IT Recruiting

There is a new trend in the IT staffing industry that is annoying the fire out of me. Yes, I am talking about outsourcing cold calls to India. Personally, I find this to be a form of phone SPAM.

Here is the way it works. Pradeep works for an outsourcing company. His company is contacted by a IT recruiting company, like TechniSource, to make cold calls. Pradeep then scours Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder, and other sites, for anyone who has the proper buzzword. As Pradeep knows nothing about programming, he is going to call anyone who has the proper buzz words on his resume. See where the SPAM part is going.

He then SPAM calls everyone with buzz word. He pays no attention to things like "only willing to work in [city name]" as he is SPAM calling, looking for a fish. If he sends an email, it will have an Americanized name on it, like Jeff Gordon, and have position details. Once the fish is on the hook, the company will take over and Pradeep will make a bonus.

Normally, this would not piss me off so much, but I have had numerous calls from these outsourced cold callers lately. To make matters worse, the lastest (Clark Wasson – Americanized name) has called me for the past three days. On day one, I ignored the call (When you see PRIVATE or OUT OF CALLING AREA on caller ID, it is a good clue it is outsourced IT recruiting). On day two, I was alread on the phone, so I flipped without looking and got Clark. He was hard to understand, due to his accent. The phone connection was horrible, making things worse. And, when I told him I would look at the email and respond, he said "you better get back with me this afternoon". Escuse me. Who the f#&$ are you? I was polite and told him I would try. Today, he called again and told my wife it was extremely important I get back to him immediately.

I just drafted Clark a nicely worded email (I wanted to be a bit more terse) and will probably contact the company and let them know I do not like this practice. I will also complain about the way he talked to me. I hope other consults out there will do the same so we can make this outsourced cold call SPAM a thing of the past.

BTW, Clark was dumb enough to give me the name of the company looking for a SOA developer. 🙂