Applian FLV Player Does Not Respect Opt Out on Third Party Products

So it is a common practice these days to bundle software. Look at the latest Flash Player, which also includes Google Toolbar, unless you do a custom install. Bleh!

But at least you can get around the third party ware in Flash. Here is one that is even more insidious: Applian FLV Player. You start with the following screen.


Looks like there is a Custom Install to not install A LOT, right?


Cool. So I unchecked the A LOT toolbar and clicked Accept and go to the next screen and look at the lower left hand side which details what I will be installing:


Hmm! I said I did not want to install that. Let me go back:


Sure enough, the toolbar is checked again. At least it is not going to default me to the other crap like the homepage and error search.

This is a new step in annoying. Fortunately, I have two things going for me here:

  1. I don’t get Flash Videos often
  2. I have an older version of the player installed

But, this is a new step in the game. Prior to this, you might have these installs hidden and only able to get around them by using the custom install, but now you have them installed even when you uncheck them. Bad juju here. Reminds me a bit of Real Player, which respected the auto start (and takeover) on Windows start up UNTIL you used it to play a video.

Hey guys, I get that you have a free product and need to have some way of monetizing it. I don’t have an issue if you force install of another product as long as you tell me. And, while it is a pain custom installing products, I am a big boy and can avoid it. But giving me the appearance of an option and installing the other product after I said no? That is just not right.

If you would like to contact Applian on this:

Be nice as they might not realize they made it so the install was mandatory (reading the terms suggests this).

Peace and Grace,

Twitter: @gbworld

One Response to Applian FLV Player Does Not Respect Opt Out on Third Party Products

  1. Dave Stone says:

    I used v2.0 now I consider them junk because of the bloatware.

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