Performance Improvements in Visual Studio 11

I have been playing with Visual Studio 11 in my work lately and I am fairly impressed with the product. In line with Microsoft’s push to move most of the Framework bits to asynchrony, the VS 11 IDE now uses async throughout its stack. This greatly improves the apparent performance for many common tasks.

The greatest performance improvement seems to be when working with Team Foundation Server (TFS). In our environment, we have large projects stored in TFS that often take more than a minute to load before you can do any work. In VS, the initial load appears very fast. But, the intitial load and being able to work on files is a different story, so the performance increase is not quite what it initially appears. Please understand that I am not complaining, as the UI reacts much faster, giving me more time to be productive … but I do say you should take the apparent stellar performance with a grain of salt, as asynchronous does not mean you can start coding while the tasks run in the background.

Another nice feature is a smaller footprint. On startup, devenv consumes 80 MB instead of 220 MB. With our solution loaded, the memory footprint is also smaller, but only by about 15%.

When I get some time to actually instrument some of this, I will post some more information.

Peace and Grace,

Twitter: @gbworld


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