World’s laziest or most clueless recruiter

I wanted to share an email with my audience. This is an email I got from a recruiter today who OBVIOUSLY DID NOT READ MY RESUME at all. Let’s see if you get a chuckle out of this (name removed to protect the guilty):


I recently came across your resume on the internet and believe the job opportunity below would be of interest to you. It is a 3 month contract paying $17.00 an hour at a large bank in Nashville, TN. If you or someone you know is interested and meets the below qualifications, send resume in word format, desired hourly rate and best number to contact you.





Duration: 3 months

Searching for an individual who will function as a PC Builder. The individual will build workstations using standard image, install custom applications via pre-established installation scripts, deliver machines to the customer and provide necessary support. S/He must have expertise in MS Windows XP and application installations. Must be able to effectively troubleshoot, work with customers and have strong organizational and record keeping skills. A minimum of 1 year relevant experience is required.

Thank you,
Clueless Recruiter

I am used to recruiters wasting my time, but I am sincerely convinced this guy is shotgun blasting resumes out to anyone who has a pulse and knows how to spell the word PC. If you want a few more chuckles, here is the email I sent him (and his boss):


I am not sure what resume you are reading, but although I can easily build computers, and have done many of my own, it is not a skill even remotely mentioned on my resume. In fact, I have been a senior software architect for many years, and, if this were daytime, I would probably make the $17 in about the time it takes me to check my morning email.

I am not sure “shotgun blasting” is the best approach to get talent. In fact, it makes your company look rather amateurish. Good luck on filling the position. I am not one who even knows where to start to help on this one.

Peace and Grace,
Gregory A. Beamer

Have fun sharing!

Peace and Grace,

Twitter: @gbworld


One Response to World’s laziest or most clueless recruiter

  1. Rick says:

    Obviously using the shotgun approach. I got the job request, as well. I am thinking of sending my resume back and basically screwing around with them. It’d be basically a good deed for my fellow developers – I’ll keep them occupied for you guys! Heheheheheh.

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