46 mommas –

This week, I worked on taking over a project that probably did not need taking over thankful to a momma and her friend. Hopefully soon the 46mommas.com site will be up. In the process I got wind of some of the photos of cancer mommas with their children. Take a look at the pictures and see the beauty in what you see. Then read the bottom of the post for perspective.


import pic 11 10 2009 195


Tiffany and Miranda

Arden Bucher (7)

Some of the pictures are professionally done. Almost all can pass as professionally done. Now here is an exercise. Guess which of the children above are alive today. If you want to go by statistics, 80% of these children should be alive. Want to take your guess?

I know this may sound a bit morbid, but this is the reality of childhood cancer. And, if you run with the rates in 1995 against current population, 46 children are diagnosed every work day. If you run against newer incident rates from the American College of Pediatrics, it is 53. Once I can churn the SEER stats and run them against the census numbers, I will have a true picture.

One more thing. In most instances, the treatments are almost the same they were in the 1970s. Despite huge strides in adult cancer, the children are still working on 30 year old protocols. Very harsh news.

Peace and Grace,

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