A brief lesson on government

The left/right explanation is a bit weak and misleading, but the main idea that most forms of government cannot be sustained is telling. As you watch, you should also think about the expansion of government and how the rich get richer, no matter who is in power, and see if you don’t see something in common with what is going on how in this country.

Note that this is not a knock on a particular person or party, but rather a statement on how both parties are leading us down a destructive path (perhaps one faster, but both are creating populist type laws that go against the Constitution to “help” the “people”). And the people then knee jerk and do something like http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-june-14-2010/alvin-greene-wins-south-carolina-primary.

Actually, I think it is a bit funny that someone who did not campaign wins the primary. To me, it shows how sick we are of Washington. Whether the people of South Carolina purposefully sent this as a message, or simply did not care enough to research candidates, it is very telling of the state of Washington power at this time. It is also kind of funny watching Rawl, the expected winner, who is now challenging the primary results … not that the people voted (he got his clock cleaned with Greene taking almost 60% of the vote) but that there are anomalies in the vote (which have been present for ages and elected him last time). The Democratic party is asking him to withdraw and Clyburne is asking for a probe of the election. The lesson: Don’t upset the apple cart by voting for commoners?

Peace and Grace,

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