Blend Fundamentals Training (Silverlight OnRamp)

Microsoft has been running a 5 day training for those wishing to get up to speed on using Blend to create Silverlight applications. The assets have been released on the Microsoft download site (end of May through early June), but the videos have not been as easy to find. If you have been looking for a means of getting up to speed on these technologies, you can get to the videos here.

If you would much rather download the content, Sandrino Di Mattia has put together a method of downloading all of the videos in one big batch using the SDP downloader. You can read about it here. There well over 100 in the batch, so it can take a bit of time downloading the content. The videos range in time to about 3 minutes to a bit over 20 minutes, so there is more than 20 hours worth of material in the entire stack. As of today, Day 5 is not included in the mix, so you will have to go out and grab it yourself (try here) or wait until Sandrino is done.

I will update this thread some time tonight with a full listing of the contents, including those that are not available currently with the download. This OnRamp is based on Blend 3.0, but most of the skills should transfer nicely.


UPCOMING TECH TOPICS (will be linked when done):

  • Overview of PluralSight – learning portal
  • (possible) Overview of Inner Workings – learning portal
  • What is a Project – Paradigm Shifting Video Series
  • Agile versus Waterfall – Paradigm Shifting Video Series
  • The basics of Scrum – Paradigm Shifting Video Series
  • Refactoring Services: Two Perspectives – architecture and patterns advice

Peace and Grace,

Twitter: @gbworld


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