The Bellevue Flood: Maps and Pictures

For those who have not seen Nashville, or do not really understand the extent of the flooding, the following 2 maps should give you an idea. This is a map of what the Bellevue area of Tennessee is like on a normal day:

Map of Bellevue 

The blue line is the Harpeth river snaking around the area. There is also a small creek almost mid way down the map going off to the east (right) and another creek that crosses near Temple Road and highway 100 (the one that heads south about mid way side to side). Notice the width of the river. Not very wide. Now compare it to the following map, which is where the river was at crest.

Map of Bellevue Under Water

In this second map, there is no way to get out of the are for a large number of residents. Large sections on both sides of the river are flooded, including hundreds of houses. And that is just this section of the map. In the upper left corner are the entrances to a couple of neighborhoods that also had massive flooding.

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the flood as I feel it conveys a story:


And here is another of a man watching his jeep being towed out of a flooded area:


What is interesting is the water rose another 10+ feet above this point by later this night. Finally a scene of a picture that was all too prevalent.


This is a picture of a duplex in River Plantation that was flooded. The furniture is now worthless and needs to be thrown out. Inside, the residents are gutting out their walls to dry them out. This means all drywall below the flood line gets ripped up and thrown out.

It is unfortunate a picture cannot truly convey what goes on in a flood. You can imagine the scene, but until you live through it, you just don’t know. Many of the residents in many of the neighborhoods did not have flood insurance, as they DID NOT live in a flood plain. Some were told they could not get insurance if they wanted it (turns out this is false, but it is harder to get flood insurance on the top of a mountain, as it is government run).

Peace and Grace,

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