When does Visual Studio 2010 RTM?

This has been an interesting year. I currently have a nice VHD with Windows Server 2008 R2 installed that I dual boot with in Windows 7 (honestly one of the best features in Windows 7 for a betaware guy like me).

In previous release timeframes, we have downloaded the RTM bits long before the public could buy a shrink wrap copy. In fact, the general has been launch in Spring (around March) with a MSDN download in November. This time it could not happen due to performance issue, which forced additional builds prior to RTM. I have been anxiously awaiting the bits.

I wish I could tell you “go to MSDN and download”, but I can’t or that you can get involved in some Microsoft program and download, but I can’t. I wonder if the TAP folks are doing better. I would assume so, but I just don’t know, as I don’t currently have access to customer facing programs.

If you have been in a cave, VS 2010 is set to launch next week at DevConnections. Perhaps this is the reason the release has been held so close to the vest. I imagine there is some deal in place to ensure the bits do not leak prior to the launch so Microsoft can proudly hand out the bits to those who paid for the conference.

The good news is the launch is only a few days away and it is highly likely we can download from MSDN about that time. Until then, I am playing with my beta. 🙂

I felt like stating they were already released, but I think most of you know it is April Fool’s Day. 🙂

Peace and Grace,

Twitter: @gbworld


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