Adventures in ASP.NET MVC 2: Project initiation

I had a bit of downtime with my new position and figured I could focus on getting the site up and running. As i am Microsoft oriented, it only made sense to use ASP.NET MVC 2. As I am a bleeding edge type of guy, I figured I would use parts of Enterprise Library 5 in the solution. I am mostly interested in seeing what has been done in Unity 2.0.

Initial Steps

First I had some software to download.

  • ASP.NET MVC 2.0
  • Enterprise Library 5.0 (could have opted for Unity 2.0 only, but if I am playing, I might as well play ;->)
    NOTE: If you want Unity for Silverlight, there is a download on the Unity download site for you
  • Possibly some other software, including:
    • Spring.NET – Although there are overlaps with Unity, so not sure on this one
    • jQuery – This is a given with ASP.NET MVC
    • Other?

Fortunately, the install process is fairly fast, so I am done in just a few minutes.

The Project

In September of 2010, my wife and 45 other women are going to shave their heads for childhood cancer awareness. The venue is not yet figured out, but theey are aiming for national television. This gives me some thought on features needed and desired.

  • Project information page
  • Information pages for each participant (who they are, why they are involved)
  • Ability to have media (movies, etc)
  • Some form of login for participants to add content
  • Press are for press releases, etc
  • Ability to see participants on a map (Google maps?)

I also wanted to create a short URL feature that jets a person to a page, so this is going to be my first experiment with ASP.NET MVC routes. So, routes is the next article in this series.

Other Notes

That pretty much does it for this particular post. I am already rolling on the project, so I will update with more articles over the next few days as I finish the original implementation.

Peace and Grace,


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