Sir Pizza does not make the cut

I got a call on the way home to pick up pizza. My wife also needed some things from Staples so I decided to try out Sir Pizza. I had good recommendations for the pizza and had never tried it. I called going into Staples and was told it would be 15 minutes. I then picked up some items and got caught in line. I also went to the post office and bought stamps from the kiosk. All in all, I probably spent about 20 minutes

Walking in, the place reminds me of a pizza dive, like the ones I used to frequent in high school or college. I always loved those places, so my expectations were lifted. I went up to pay for the pizza, only to find mine had not even been made yet, much less put in the oven. I had a call to make, so figured I would wait until it was done. The lady behind the counter said “that will be twenty eight nineteen.” I said “excuse me”. Okay, so it is expensive pizza. I chocked it up as a “this had better be good” experience, as even pizza perfect or mellow mushroom would have cost less than this.

As I was paying, I saw the guy open a can of what appeared to be tomato paste and slap it on paper thin crust. That was not a good sign.

We ordered a 14” half King ($19.45) and half Queen ($17.45) and a 14” cheese ($12.70) and had a half off coupon for the less expensive pizza. To put this in perspective, a pIzza perfect 16” extra large cheese is $12.50 and the same half and half 16” would have been $17.75. Plus we have coupons for buy one get one free, so it would have been less than $20 for the whole thing.

Now, for the pizza. The veggie pizza is comprised of a huge slap of tomato paste (and, yes, it tastes a lot like tomato paste in a can), a thin layer of cheese, and canned veggies. Canned mushrooms, black olives, green olives, green peppers and onions. How you get so much canned crap, I am not sure. And, it tastes pretty much like everything was out of a can. Unimpressed. The king side of the pizza was pepperoni, sausage, ham, ground beef and bacon. Much nicer looking and the entire pizza was a meat lovers feast.

Impressions: The kids pretty much hated it. Kids hating pizza is not a good sign. I don’t think I ever bought a cheese pizza they would not eat. Crust is fine, especially if you like cracker thin pizza crust (my wife loves it). The meat side was fine, although $20 for the pizza was steep. The veggie side, IMO, was a total rip off. Tasted okay, but with everything out of a can? Yuck!

Needless to say, $28 for $20- worth of pizza, from a can? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice …. you don’t get fooled again. Okay, so that was a jab at Bush. 😉

Peace and Grace,

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