Jim Cooper plays the scarecrow – If he only had a brain

My wife wrote Representative Jim Cooper dissatisfied with his vote yes on HR 3962. Here is the response she got from Rep. Cooper (selected passages). First:

I voted yes to advance the cause of health care reform by forcing the Senate to act. Without passage of this House bill, the Senate could delay reform indefinitely. That would be the worst possible outcome because our current health-care system is not sustainable. Congress needs to pass good health legislation for the good of the country.

My vote is not an endorsement of all the provisions of the bill because I find much of the bill to be deeply flawed.

If I can make an analogy, this is much like a group of fathers watching their children while their wives are away. The children want something to play with so the men give them a loaded 9mm. Imagine you find the children with the gun and get this response.

I agreed to the idea, as I wanted to advance the idea of proper decision making and responsibility by forcing the children to act. Without giving them something dangerous, the children could have delayed the idea of finding something to play with indefinitely. This would be the worst possible outcome, because their current play decision was unsustainable. Children need to make good decisions for the good of the family.

Our handing them a loaded gun was not an endorsement of the idea because I find it to be deeply flawed.

Sounds a bit dumber in analogy, doesn’t it? Think about what Rep. Cooper is saying. I sent forth legislation that I disagreed with because it was better to risk flawed legislation making it way to the Presidents desk than to spend more time ensuring it was far less flawed. That is just plain stupid Congressman.

Passing legislation is a little like writing a term paper in school. The first draft is usually not very good. The second draft is better – H.R. 3962 is the second draft. The bill that the Senate will vote on will be the third draft, which I expect to show major improvement. The final draft will be written afterward, if we get to that point, when the House and the Senate will vote on the same bill. 

Okay I get this. The drafts are like term papers. But if you want to follow the analogy through, you keep rewriting until you get it right. You don’t turn it in until you are done. Unfortunately, Congressman, you turned it in.

In this case, unlike a term paper, you will have a second chance. If it is still flawed, however, why should I believe you will not turn it to the professor for a grade. Once again, this is just plain stupid.

I am hoping the Wizard of Oz grants your wish prior to your second chance so you get a brain to ensure you do not vote through flawed legislation again. As I don’t have much faith in the fairy tale, I am not sure you will find your brain in time to do the right thing. If you want to do the right thing, make sure it is right before sending it on with your stamp of approval. That is smart. What you have done is just plain dumb.

Peace and Grace,

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