Nashville Parent Magazine Features Childhood Cancer

In the spring of this year, my wife Tiffany contacted the Nashville Parent magazine to try to get them to do something during September (National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month). The editor, Susan Day, got back in touch with her quite some time later, about doing it in November instead and having Tiffany write the feature article. I just got a copy of the magazine yesterday. I will share a link when they put it up on the website.

The cover is a black and white picture of Miranda, taken by Vanderbilt photographer Tim Campbell. The only noticeable color on the cover is a gold ribbon for childhood  cancer and the words “Mama It’s Going to Be All Right” facing childhood cancer (also in gold). The cover stands out, as the Nashville Parent is normally a very colorful magazine. It also stands out since Miranda, in the picture, has wisps of hair on her head, no eyebrows and only two or three eyelashes.

The feature details our saga, also featured on Miranda’s Caring Bridge site if you have a lot of time to read through the journal. There are also sidebars from three parents of cancer kids: Kambryn Lowery, Lily Henseik*, and Chase Donnell* (NOTE: The site with asterisks require registration to access). I have never met Lily, but we have contact with the Lowery’s from time to time, and we last saw Chase on February 28, 2009; he looked great at the time, but a few days later they found the cancer had returned and Chase earned his angel wings on March 10, 2008, less than 2 weeks after the last time we saw him being wheeled around the halls hopeful he was going home soon.

Some may remember Chase, as he gained notoriety as the boy who gave away his wish (you can also see the story on You Tube). Unfortunately, Chase passed away a few days before the fulfillment of his wish (to fix his school’s gym). Eric Yutzy, who covered the story for news channel 5, was so moved by Chase’s story that he campaigned to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and earned their man of the year in 2009. Eric raised more than $50,000, which was enough to have a research grant named in Chase’s honor (this is on the Nashville Predator’s site, who had a special night for Chase (unfortunately after his passing)). You can see pictures of the gym here, which also features the #37 car that ran in the 2008 Sprint cup race in Bristol (here is the full story about the gym dedication on the same site).

Tiffany is in full swing with preparations for next September. She is getting 45 other women together to shave their heads for St Baldricks, hopefully on national television. The number 46 has been chosen as that is the number of children some stats state are diagnosed with cancer every day in the United States. Unfortunately, accurate stats are hard to come by (should not be, but they are). I will post a link to the St Baldricks fundraising page as soon as she can get past the computer gremlins on their site.

Peace and Grace,


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