Childhood Cancer Non-Awareness?

We are only 5 days into Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a Google News search shows 2,145 articles acknowledging the month. Comparing this to stats for breast cancer (estimated 192,370 new cases and 40,170 estimated deaths – in 2009), this means 1 article for every 89 diagnoses and 1 for every 18 deaths. If you remove the word “month” and search on “breast cancer” alone, there are 18,299 articles indexed thus far (1 per 10 diagnoses or 2 deaths).

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (September) has passed, with a whopping 89 articles published in our nation’s news. This equates to 1 article for every 150 diagnoses and 1 for every 30 deaths. If we search just “childhood cancer”, there are 393 articles (1 for every 31 diagnoses or 6 deaths).

Admittedly, childhood cancer is less prevalent than breast cancer, but our interest in childhood cancer during September was fairly low. There are more than 4,500 news sources indexed by Google news. If the searches represent unique sources, about 50% have already chimed in about Breast Cancer Awareness month, while less than 2% chimed in about Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

In Nashville, there were 4 mentions of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month amongst all of the media. One of these was a letter to the editor, another in a county only section, amongst the briefs (1 paragraph “article”. One local television station mentioned it twice, but also mentioned Breast Cancer Awareness Month 27 times in the first 5 days of the month (through today). There are currently 64 mentions of breast cancer awareness month total in Nashville.

UPDATE: Just checked Alex’s Lemonade Stand (36 mentions on Google news), St Baldricks (45 mentions), People Against Childhood Cancer (1 mention) and CureSearch (26 mentions). Compare this to Susan G. Komen, which has 2382 mentions. Quite a disparity.

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