Created my first CodePlex Project

As part of my Crazy Cancer Tour efforts, I spent a couple of hours making a basic library to shorten urls. At present, the library does not have error checking and only implements and This particular library is going to be part of a Tweet on blog post project (which will also be open sourced).

The original library and original source are available in the downloads section.

Why another tiny url library? I wanted to set up a set of projects using a tiered approach. This particular project is of small importance in the long run, as it is nothing more than a support library. The important part, for the junior developer, will come when I finish creating the tutorial videos, which will be posted on (not yet up – this week) and also You Tube ( The project is a site to raise awareness for childhood cancer, but the designer/developer gets to learn from the experience. 🙂

Have fun with the code. I will have a few other projects up soon:

  • Updated CSS Friendly Adapters for Artisteer (this program is going to also be on one of the videos – How to create a good looking site for the graphically challenged)
  • Twitter lib for Tweet on blog
  • Crazy Cancer site

I will be blogging on the Crazy Cancer Dev blog once I get past that point.

Peace and Grace,

Twitter: @gbworld

NOTE: I will likely have a bit of verbal diarrhea over the next couple of weeks, as this is my way of documenting what I am doing. Hey, it kills two birds with one stone. 😉


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