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I posted yesterday 7 Things Recruiters do That Irritates me. I then got a call from Scott Gordon (one of my recruiter friends in Nashville) asking if he could use my blog post on his site, the Anti Pimp. I am sure I will see it some time today (he had some questions and we have not yet linked up).

In terms of value, it goes like this:

  • Professional Recruiter: Does his homework to match candidates with positions. Generally gets a sale, as he has properly figured out client needs and vetted candidates. You might argue that his request of 20%+ of the first year’s salary is too high, but you cannot accuse him of adding no value.
  • Run of the Mill Recruiter: The primary thing this recruiter does is introduce people. He still holds some value, as he knows a lot of people and can introduce candidates to employers. It is very easy to argue this recruiter is overcharging.
  • Lazy, unprofessional recruiter: This guy is just in it for the money and gives everyone a bad name. His total claim to fame is he knows how to use the search page on Monster, Dice and Career Builder and he can use a telephone. He does not deserve to be paid for lining up candidates and I am hoping the United States Congress passes the hunting season bill for this waste of human flesh. 😉

The idea behind professional recruiting is this:

  1. Professional Recruiter goes to client and finds out the clients needs. This is a fact finding mission so he can add value to the proposition by only sending people that fit the qualifications. As many employers do not know what they need, the recruiter must know enough about technology and people to determine the proper match.
  2. Professional Recruiter goes to talent pool and finds the individual(s) that fit the position. This comes from having a relationship with the talent and understanding their skills, as well as their desires.
  3. Professional Recruiter matches talent and position and gets interviews set up.
  4. Professional Recruiter gets paid for setting up the right person for the job.

The above is the professional recruiter, who earns his paycheck. But, like any field, someone comes along and tries to find ways to maximize profit, while minimizing work. This is what the lazy idiot did yesterday. Here is how this works:

  1. Lazy Recruiter does searches to find companies wanting to hire, or gets req in his inbox
  2. Lazy Recruiter calls company and gets approval to send candidates (if he subscribes to reqs, this step is optional)
  3. Lazy Recruiter circles buzz words in req
  4. Lazy Recruiter does buzz word search on circled buzz words
  5. Lazy Recruiter SPAMS every developer on Monster, Dice and Career Builder (and perhaps a few others)
  6. Lazy Recruiter makes phone calls to same developers

The problem here is the lazy recruiter ends up calling numerous times and sends out numerous emails to each candidate. He offers no value to the company, as he is not really screening candidates. He is also wasting a lot of everyone’s time. And he gives all recruiters a bad name, as he paints the picture of recruiters being lazy, non-professional asses.

The guy who called me numerous times in a row yesterday was a lazy recruiter, if we can call “pond scum” a recruiter. He then emailed me three times for the same position, as he is too lazy to even see if he is SPAMMING the same candidates on the three boards. But, he does not care.

What makes it worse is when the lazy recruiter speaks marginal English at best, as this guy did. And, to make things even worse, many of these jerks are rude on the phone. I think they truly believe they are doing me a favor wasting my time on low paying positions. Just in case you have not bought a clue lately: You are NOT helping me out; you are just driving up my cell phone bill.

For those of you who are professionals, keep doing what you are doing. For those of you who are human search engines spamming the world, I suggest spending some time and getting to know the business or get out. You are making the guys who treat recruiting as a career look bad and ticking so many of your potential customers off.

Peace and Grace,

Twitter: @gbworld


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