Star Trek Review

I just got back from watching Star Trek, aka Star Trek 2009, aka Star Trek Reboot. In many ways, I think Reboot is the most proper name of the three. Perhaps that is why so many sites are using that word.

The movie starts out in a manner very similar to Lethal Weapon 3. Very few credits and right into the action. In the first few minutes, an interesting plot device allows Abrams to both respect and reinvent the Star Trek universe. I am certain this will be the first film in a set of films and I would be happy to see them continue the story line. I firmly believe this film has finally broken the curse of the odd numbered Star Trek films.

The film starts out with the childhoods of both Kirk and Spock. As you have most likely seen the trailers for the film, these moments will contain very few surprises. Kirk, a troubled youth, is the genius repeat offender of small town Iowa. Spock, the child of human a Vulcan parents, is an outcast. A sense of duty and a bar fight send them off to Starfleet Academy and starts the ball rolling. Thus ends act 1.

One by one, familiar characters are introduced, from the paranoid Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy to the “pull it out at the last second’ engineer Montgomery Scott, we have characters that are familiar and yet new. And each, in his own way, stays true to the character, at least enough old style Trekkies will enjoy the movie, and adds their own take on the characters. Each character has a pivotal moment in the film where their unique skills provide much needed aid.

For fans of the old show, there are plenty of one liners in the film. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the lines, much to the chagrin of the twenty-some-odds sitting near me. Perhaps they have not purchased the DVD set?

One tragedy of the film is it never allows Nero, the Romulan character played by Eric Bana, to fully explore the character. While it might have made the film a bit longer, I think the film could have been better allowing a bit more depth to his character. It would have also been nice to give a bit more depth to the character of Scotty, played by Simon Pegg, who delivers some of the best one liners of the movie.

The film is a nice blend of action and character development. I think it will play well with audiences that are fans of the original series, as well as those who have never experienced it. I give credit to the screenwriters for pulling this off.

Grade? I would give the movie a solid B, perhaps even a B+. With a bit more development of the bad guy, and a bit more time spent on the conflict facing Scotty in his first scene, I would have given it an A. When it is finally released on DVD, I will definitely purchase a copy. Here’s to the hope that removing the curse of the odd Star Trek films does not come back with the next even film.

Peace and Grace,

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