Get a Wii Fit without getting ripped off

As you probably know, the Wii is the most popular console this year. And, the most popular game is the Wii Fit. Because of this, you are seeing Wii Fits on eBay selling for $150 – $200+ and on Craigslist for $125+ (primarily used). Considering the game sells for $89, this is a huge ripoff.
Online merchants are taking advatage of the disparity too. Those that have it in stock are selling for $140+ (have seen more than $200) for the console alone. Even Toys R Us, which is bound to sell the unit for only $89 has figured a way around it. Bundle it with a game they are currently selling for $35 and charge $169 ($35 more than the two together).
What’s a guy to do?
Go to and watch the site. They check for units every 10 minutes on a variety of sites. When one becomes available for a price you like, click the link and put it in a shopping cart and order it. I ended up getting a bundle with the 5-in-1 Wii Fit Fitness Bundle for $128 ($89 console, $38 bundle). I could have waited a bit, as I have seen a $90 console pop up a few times, but the kids are anxious to get going. I would imagine I can return the bundle, as it is charge separately on the bill, but it has a nice cover for the balance board, so I will give it a chance.
You should not pay more than $90 for a $90 game.
Peace and Grace,

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