Garlic cures Brain Cancer?

I was looking for some information on glioblastoma, due to my father-in-law’s diagnosis. Interstingly enough, I found a study that showed massive apoptosis (cell death) of cancer cells, using active ingredients in … are you ready for this … garlic. This is big news. It appears that there is now evidence that garlic can kill glioblastoma cancer cells. You can read the study here, if you are medically inclined:
This is not really new news, as garlic has been shown to be effective against breast cancer (, prostate cancer (allium veggies in general –, bladder cancer ( and many others.
What is new is the extreme amount of apoptosis in a type of cancer with a median life expectency of about 9 months. At levels of 500 μM , there is almost complete aptosis of the cancer cells. Since this is in vivo (in a test tube), there are still questions of how to get the chemicals from the garlic into the brain (I am not sure if they pass the blood-brain barrier, still researching), so we need clinical trials. Number of clinical trials proposed for garlic on glioblastoma: 0.
Let’s look at a different direction. Last year, they found a new drug Abiraterone was effective on prostate cancer. Number of clinical trials for Abiraterone on Prostate cancer: 8. This is a new drug. What about "old" drugs, meaning those in studies for at least 5 years. Herceptin is in 296 studies, mostly breast cancer. Gleevec is in 355 studies on a variety of cancers.
Now, one might argue the efficacy of the drug versus chemicals in garlic, as the measure of what gets study money. Unfortunately, it is hard to compare apples to apples here, as one study focus on cell viability and the other on tumor shrinkage. But, let’s look at it. In the Herceptin study (Trastuzumab – study, aptosis increased by 35% with a median tumor decrease of 20% over 3 weeks. In the garlic study, viability of the cancer cells reduced from 90% to less than 10% at a level of 500 μM, with DATS (one the active ingredients: DAS, DADS, and DATS), this type of cell death was seen at 100 μM.
Now, I am not a researcher or a doctor, so I cannot tell you how less than 10% viability relates to 20% tumor shrinkage, but, as a thinking human being, I would gather that a huge decrease in viability equates to a large amount of shrinkage in tumor size and a great amount of tumor cell apoptosis (death). To me, this would at least warrant one study on glioblastoma and garlic.
Why the disparity?
  1. Brain cancer is rare. It is also a killer, but rare is why it is not studied as much.
  2. The breast cancer "lobby" is very noisy (think pink ribbons), thus breast cancer is more noticed.
  3. Drug companies fund many of the studies.
  4. Doctors are taught to use drugs as cures. Thus studies not funded by drug companies often go to drugs.
  5. Doctors are woefully ignorant of nutrition. According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, the class of 2012 (those entering med school today) will be required an average of 21 hours of nutrition over 4 weeks of study.
  6. It is hard to make money off food, as a drug.
If, in fact, garlic can be shown effective in vivo (rat studies), it would be wise to move this up to clinical trials as quickly as possible, as lives are at stake. But I do not have a lot of faith it will happen. Once I can figure out a decent regiment, I am going to pass it on to my father-in-law. I am not going to suggest going away from the radiation and chemo, but instead add garlic as a complementary treatment.
By the way, if you are currently diagnosesd with cancer, there are other natural chemicals that show promise in fighting cancer. I would not necessarily suggest going completely alternative, but I would look into eating more cruciferous vegetables (brocolli, kale, etc.), turmeric, garlic and hot peppers. It would also be wise to increase anti-oxidants, but I would do a bit of research as antioxidants can reduce the efficay of the active ingredients in some of the more potent cancer killers (garlic, turmeric). The positive side of natural "cures" is the reduction, if not elimination, of side effects.
Peace and Grace,

2 Responses to Garlic cures Brain Cancer?

  1. Lisl says:

    I am aware that Garlic does in fact cross the BBB, it is used in the treatment of Lyme disease for that very reason.

  2. CJ says:

    I was dxn with olio grade II – III in Dec 2005 after first tumor surgery in Dec 2005. I then began 18 mo of Temador. While on Temador, bimonthly MRIs showed new tumor growth within the original surgical cavity. On my own, based on a invitro published study I read in regard to garlic killing brain cancer cells, I began ingesting 1 garlic clove a day (minced and then allowed to sit at room temp for at least 15 min). Had my second surgery to remove new growth and more of the original tumor (to dangerous to remove the first time) in Nov 2007. I still regularly take 1 clove of garlic at least 4x a week along with other superfoods "blueberries, spinach, broccoli, Acaii berry tablets, tomatoes, and carrot-apple-orange juice". My regular MRIs have shown no new tumor growth. Can’t say it is or is not related to the garlic but it definitely isn’t hurting anything so I will continue to take it. Hope this may help other brain cancer patients.

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