Gas below $2.00 in Nashville

I posted on, a site owned by, that gas was $1.99 in Nashville. My post was deleted. I posted again. Deleted. I just posted a third time. Let’s see if they are dense enough to delete it again.
Tomorrow, I will post pictures of the madness going on at the Highway 100 Kroger (added to this post). Apparently, the other Bellevue Kroger has followed. Let’s see if the morons delete that post, as well.
Now, I know $1.99 is hard to believe, since the gas started at $2.49 this morning, but I filled up my tank for less than $30 today. I am happy.
Peace and Grace,

2 Responses to Gas below $2.00 in Nashville

  1. Gregory says:

    As with most things, this was too good to last. It is back to $2.46 today.
    Peace and Grace,Greg

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