Fun waste of time: Name the HTML elements

Thanks to Cheryl Wise for passing this one on. She sent it yesterday, but I did not have time to start. Of course, that might still be a bit of "cheating", as I knew what I was getting into when I started and had all night to think about it. If the graphic does not show up, I ended up with 85 elements.

Created by OnePlusYou
It was fairly easy to get started on this one, as you start from the top to the bottom of a typical page, being sure to include lists, tables and frames (nice hint, eh). You then go through anything that changes the look of text, then images and finally things that link up external elements to the page.
The hard part is thinking of the obscure ones you do not use every day. Like when is the last time you used a PRE for pre-formatted text? or, perhaps a CITE or CODE? The ones I missed are what I consider obscure:

You forgot:


There is also a "How many colors can you name in five minutes" and "how many countries" (as I have made quite a few apps with country demographics, I might do good here), so I have a couple other time wasters to spend time on. Surprised
Peace and Grace,

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