Brainwashing only goes one way

A few months back an aquantance stated that it was sick how religious people are brainwashing their children to believe in a non-existent deity. I let it drop.
A few weeks ago, he told me about how brainwashing works, and pointed out examples of how McCain and Palin are brainwashing the right wing. I let it drop.
Today, he sent me an email about Sing for Change. I responded with "it seems to me they might be brainwashing those children". His response "Of course you would think that way, you are a Conservative".
THis is not a knock on Liberals or Democrats. It is, instead, a wake up call that we all have our biases. We choose to see things through lenses that fit our preconceived notions. The only way to break these paradigms is through concerted effort.
If it is brainwashing to teach your children to think one way, without sufficient evidence to back up your beliefs, then it is brainwashing. The technique does not become NOT brainwashing simply because it is something your believe in.
Peace and Grace,

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