National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day – Huh???

Today is the first National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. Did you know that?
Since this is a monumentous occasion for me, I decided to highlight the media who took the time to recognize this day today. I feel we ought to give kudos where it is deserved. Today, September 13, 2008, Kudos goes out to
Yep. That’s it. A Google news search yields 9 results and ONLY ONE from today. I added a comment on their site thanking them for being the only media outlet who cared. You have to register to do so, but you can join me in my thanking them for actually taking notice. The rest of the United States did not.
Here are the complete stats
9 hits
1 media outlet posting today (2 articles overall)
7 United States hits
1 Press Release
3 Media articles about events occuring today
Expanding the search to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and you have 43 hits.
Perhaps we have just confused people, as today is also National Celiac Disease Awareness Day, which got no hits. But things are looking up for World Alzheimer’s Day (next week), which already surpasses the hooplah Childhood Cancer Awareness has recieved with its 13 hits. And World Heart Day (Sept 28) is already at 20 hits.
I guess we should be thankful there are 2,540 Google hits for Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. On the front page, we see 3 Cure search press releases, the same 2 articles from Channel 9 in Denver and one blog post from Renee Garcia, a friend of ours whose daughter is also a childhood cancer survivor.
Now back to our regular scheduled updates on Ike, train wrecks and how much Palin is a witch.
Peace and Grace,

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