Meshing Out – What I took home from DevLink

Before getting into this entry too deep, I wanted to congratulate John Keller and crew for another successful event. I also wanted to congratulate Alan Stevens and crew for the wonderful Open Spaces sessions. I did not attend but one regular session, but the Open Spaces more than made up for missing the regular sessions.
I ended up trying to sign on a bit too late, so I had to hork a pass from someone who was not attending on day 2. I will remember to get my pass earlier next year and avoid the long lines. 🙂 Thanks to Rebel Bailey for lending me his pass on Saturday.

Mesh is Cool

I attended Jeff Blankenburg’s impromptu session on new stuff from Microsoft. Although PhotSynth, Sea Dragan and Popfly are kewl, I have seen them enough times to get very little out of that part of the session. Then Jeff showed Live Mesh. Here is somethign that immediately fits my needs.

For my work, I am often having to sync up more than one device. Now I have 5 GB on the web to sync up with. I already have my current project shared as a folder and I am currently downloading it to my laptop. In addition, I love the fact I can control my home machine from my laptop without having to load a lot of extraneous software. And only people in my mesh can do this, and only those with a proper logon. Very cool.

Where I see this going … anyone at Microsoft listening … is merging in Live Meeting so I can use the Mesh to immediately go to a sharing session or share, from a meeting, to my mesh. Company meshes. Group meshes. People will pay for this stuff. Trust me.

Microsoft is already hinting at an SDK for Mesh so I can create apps for it, so the future is nearly here.

Impromptu can mean a train wreck

The TDD session crashed. It was not a total disaster, but it needs to be done better next time. I have an entry I have completed on this, but I am awaiting a review of the article from Alan Stevens before putting it onto this blog. My goal on this one is dissecting the train wreck and providing a constructive post mortem. The last thing I want is to inadvertently tick someone off.

Open Spaces are fun and productive

I did not think an open sesssion would be as useful as it was. I spent most of my time in these sessions, firing thoughts off some of the best in the industry … and loved it. I will gladly do this again.

Final Thoughts

DevLink is an inexpensive alterative to the big name conferences. It is shaping up to be a premiere conference, despite the low price. Hats off to the guys who put this together and make it purr. You guys really deserve a big hand. Next time can we holder it closer to downtown again? 😉

Peace and Grace,


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