VB to C# Conversion programs (altered review)

On August 8, I compared a demo of Instant C# (all I have) versus VB Conversions. It was a review prompted by the needs of a friend. Once I found some conversion issues with Instant C#, I posted a review despite it being a demo. One of the employees of the company added a comment and I have since added to the review. The review has been updated at the original URL.
Dave, the employee mentioned, has indicated there are some updates for Instant C# forthcoming, so I am willing to review the changed procuct, along with any VB Conversions changes, once they are ready.
This is actually a bit of a waste of my time, as I have no need of either product. I am willing to spend the time, however, in the interest of both fairness and providing you, the reader, with the most current information. I am opinionated, but I try to be as fair as I possibly can and I truly wish both parties the best of luck should the opportunity arise to review both again.
Peace and Grace,

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