Expression Web Classes

I just finished talking to Cheryl Wise, fellow Microsoft MVP, and she currently has classes to start August 30 on Start To Web. As I link heavily into the Expression Web forums, I figured I would give her a shout out for her classes. There are three currently available:
The first is a class is a new class run by Tina Clarke and Pat Geary, both Microsoft MVPs, and deals with upgrading from FrontPage to Expression Web. The class is currently offered at half price ($39.50), which is a good deal for an online class. You can find out more here (Cheryl’s blog) or register here. Take advantage of the class if you are interested in this topic, as they normally fill up.
Cheryl is also offering Intro to Expression Web and Intro to CSS classes. If you use the code gbblgrdr, you can save 10% off the $89.95 price of either of these full priced courses.
Just in case anyone asks, I am not getting any sort of kick back for the classes. The code was simply something Cheryl offered when I said I was going to post about the class. I do not personally know Pat Geary, but I do know he has been working with Cheryl for years as a teaching assistant for her classes (assume both online and off, as Cheryl does classroom training as well). I do know Tina Clarke, who has the site Any Expressions and has two ebooks on the topic of Expression Web, both of which are worth their price of $7 if you use Expression Web.
Peace and Grace,

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