I just finished a blog entry on Miranda’s site about faith. When I got through with it, I was amazed when re-reading the words. It was one of those "did I really say that" type of moments. So, I decided to share it here, as well.
I watched Larry King tonight to see Stephen Curtis Chapman talking about the death of his daughter Maria Sue (one of three adopted daughters) and the faith the family has in God. It was a great experience, although I found myself shedding more than one or two tears.
One of the most poignant moments for me was their description of asking God why and wanting to see why. The word that came back, over and over, was SEE. They later found a picture Maria had colored in. It is of a flower with six pedals (the Chapman’s have six children: Emily, Caleb, Will, Shaohannah, Stevey Joy and Maria). The center of the flower was colored in (in yellow) and only one pedal was colored in (in blue). At the bottom was the word SEE.
Life sends us bumps and it is far too easy to pitch away faith in God. But only if you never really had it in the first place. Faith is like skin. It cannot be tossed away like a cheap suit. It can be injured, burned and scarred, but true faith becomes a part of you.
One of the reasons faith is so easily shaken for some is they have the wrong view of God. When we think of God as the orchestrator of our lives, painting each moment, it is quite easy to blame him for not making a more beautiful song for us to listen to. If we see him as the painter, we wonder where our masterpiece is.
But this is not God. He does not sit and micromanage every moment of our lives. If He did, we would not have any choices to make, no matter how it might appear to us, as we would have absolutely no control. And if He did, we would have no right to be angry, because we would not be a person. We would merely be players in some play. When our movie was over, it would just be over. Where is the hope in that?
No, instead, He create us to be His children. He poured out His love for us and gave us the freedom to love or hate Him back. He realized this meant He had to let us go and live our lives without constant interference, as His interference would rob us of our ability to choose. But, He did not leave us completely alone. He gave us others to join us on our journey. This is why it is imperative that each and every one of us listen for the still small voice and reach out in service to others.
Tragedies are bound to happen. And, they hurt. But we are not the only ones hurting. God hurts to see us in such pain, but He realizes that all He can do is give us loving glimpses of His grace and mercy so we can SEE. That is the beauty. All we have to do is open our eyes and SEE.
Now this might sound like we are alone, but it is really not like that. God has a purpose for each of us to play a part in this drama. We have the freedom to ignore that purpose, the dark side of our free will. But, He sends someone else to fill the void when we fail to reach for our destiny. And He gives us as many chances as we need to get it right.
Through our journey, I have seen many small guideposts God has set before me to show me the way. I have also seen milestones showing I have reached the spot I was supposed to reach. And I am sure there are plenty of both types of markers I have missed. If only I had opened my eyes enough to SEE.
For the back story, Maria Sue Chapman (age 5) was accidentally run over by her brother Will (17) in her own driveway. She was rushed by ambulance to a helicopter that took her to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival. The funeral took place one day before her oldest brother Caleb was to graduate from high school. She was scheduled to be the flower girl at her sister Emily’s wedding, but ended up being buried in the dress instead. The Chapmans have adopted three children over the past few years and have a charity established called Shaohannah’s Hope (their first adopted daughter) to aid people in foreign adoptions.
Peace and Grace,

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  1. Kelly says:

    This was outstanding. I call myself fortunate to have the privledge to call you a friend.

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