It’s fun to watch people hyperventilate

I just saw an article recently about Jon Voight’s op ed slamming Obama in the Washington Times. I would generally rank this in the "who cares?" category, as celebrities foisting opinions is a common sight these days. Perhaps the sole surprise is Voight is a Conservative.
But, what is especially fun is watching people on both side hyperventilating over the entire thing.
Jeff Wells of Hollywood-Elsewhere has suggested that Voight should be blacklisted. Peter Bart, of Variety, has stated he thinks Voight has now proven he is an idiot, something he suspected since he turned down Love Story. The name callers are using epithets (wingnut primarily) which are at least somewhat new and exciting (is the sarcasm dripping off too heavily yet?). Okay, so Wells did use the word diseased with wingnut, so perhaps there is something new after all in the "expanding" repetoire of insults.
I did find one that shows a bit of humor:
Jon better stay away from Hollywood for the next sixth months or he will get hurt. Either he’s gonna get his ass jumped by Halle Berry and Scarlet Johansson or Susan Sarandon’s gonna run his down in a Prius while he’s crossing the street. “Greenest Murder Ever”
On the other side, we see the Republican kool aid being poured just as heavily, as site after site rebroadcasts the quotes of Wells and Bart. Blah! Blah! Blah! Who cares?
This is the way dialog works in the world today. You either agree with someone or you are labeled. So much for the concept of free speech, eh? I suggest we all go out and have a nice beer and watch the Olympics. Oh, bag that, "free Tibet". Open-mouthed
Peace and Grace,

2 Responses to It’s fun to watch people hyperventilate

  1. Rick says:

    You know who else wrote blogs with opinions like this? Hitler.

  2. Gregory says:

    If this comment had come from just about anyone but you, I would have been offended, but our talks about the labels spring back up and I find my self laughing out loud. I need this one at this moment. Thanks.
    Peace and Grace,Greg

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