Boycotting McDonalds

The American Family Association has decided to boycott McDonalds over their joining the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and a $20,000 donation to the organization. It is there position that McDonalds is promoting the gay and lesbian agenda and trying to undermine traditional marriage. What has particularly gotten their rancor is a comment by Bill Whitman, McDonald’s spokesman, who stated “Hatred has no place in our culture. That includes McDonald’s, and we stand by and support our people to live and work in a society free of discrimination and harassment.”
Boycotting McDonalds? Now that is something I can get behind. Nah, it’s not because of the gay and lesbian thing. I could really care less. Of course, I support the AFA’s right to protest, but I believe there are far too many more important things to focus on. I also support McDonalds right to support whom they desire. It is all part of the American way.
I see McDonalds as a company that can make up its mind what groups to join. And, if they feel this can increase their profits, good for them. If they are doing this for ideological reasons, more power. And what about that $20,000? $20,000 from a multi-billion dollar company is chump change and nothing to get overly excited about.
My reason for boycotting McDonalds would be the garbage they sell. But, then I am also up for boycotting the fast food industry completely. Think about it, here is an industry that sells food that often has more than 50% of its calories from fat. In one meal you can get 2.3rds of the daily recommended fat intake for the day (that is max fat intake, by the way). And much of the fat is saturated. Kiss those arteries goodbye.
I have been in a mostly informal boycott of fast food for quite some time. There are a few occasions where I have broken down and ordered fast food and I am finding I really do not like it any more. Once you wean yourself away from fast food, you find that it is not really as tasty as you previously thought it was. And, if it really not that tasty, why destroy your body on it?
There is one thing I do agree with the AFA on. Disagreeing with others is not the same as hatred. It is commonly regarded as such in this society, where our "news" shows are more about different talking idiots screaming at their guests. And, it is common on the Internet, where logical fallacy has been elevated to an artform. But, it should not enter into our news media, who is supposed to be reporting the news, not forcing us into adopting a certain viewpoint.
The UPI went so far as to headline their article "Anti-gay group to boycott McDonalds". I find this to be irresponsible for a news organization, as they are supposed to report the news, not present commentary disguised as a news article. I am not sure I can name  group whose primary charter is anti-anything. There are many times when groups get more bang for the buck out of negatives, of course, but it is hard, if not impossible, to sustain indefinitely. And, if that is your major focus, you either have to morph or die.
Peace and Grace,

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