Getting rid of SPAM comments from Live Spaces

It seems the spammers have figured out that they can leave SPAM links in the comments on live. This is probably true of all blogs, but it is particularly annoying in live as there seems to be no easy way to get rid of these comments.
You would think going to http://{your_space_name_name} (spaces home), which allows you to see all of the new comments would allow you to do this. If it does, I have not found out how to do it. If it is there, it is not easily found. If you know a way to do it from here, let me know. I also find no way to delete the comments from the comment itself.
But I did stumble on a way accidentally the other day. I was using my PocketPC phone to go to my space. After login, it flipped me to http://{your_space_name_here} From this page, I see all of the comments and each one has a link called Delete Comment underneath. Best of all, you can do this from your non-mobile browser by simply typing in the URL. Make sure you are logged in using Passport, er Live Login, or whatever it is called. Open-mouthed
Hope this helps you clear out those using your blog to attempt to sell their crap. I have cleaned out about a dozen comments this morning.
Peace and Grace,

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