Spam, spam, spam, spam …

What a loverly day this is. THis morning, in my personal email box, I have the following:
  • 3 emails from Mercy Madibo informing me that I have trapped funs in Nigeria in some Domicilary account. According to the email, she is a senator in some African country. All she needs is my full name, billing address, full phone number and Particulars of my inheritance/contract. I understand all of the funds are in the Apex bank of Nigeria, but there is no clue how much money my poor Uncle Mutumbo left me. I love when unknown relatives leave you great sums of money.
  • An email informing me that my email address has won 1 million pounds in the UK National Lottery. I love when you can win the lottery without having to buy a ticket. It is a good thing that the UK Lottery is sponsoring these email drawing now, as I understand it put a huge financial straing on Microsoft.
  • A lucrative business proposal from Mr. Ken Jonathan. I have no idea what this business proposal is, but I would not be surprised to find that Mr. Jonathan wants me to help him with merchandise purchased with credit cards from people stupid enough to  a) think they have unknown rich relatives in Africa or b) think they can win an email lottery. He sent it from cathyd’s email address (I hate people who do this), but includes his own email to contact him at.
  • One phishing email — more about this later.

I am not sure who is stupid enough to fall for these things, but here are a couple of hints:

  • If you don’t know of any relatives in Africa, you probably do not have millions in a bank in Nigeria.
  • There is no such thing as a million pound email raffle lottery
  • People do not contact you for lucrative, and legal, business opportunities
    a) if they don’t know you
    b) via email
  • If someone asks you to send you account information to them via email, and you do it, you are stupid
  • If the email is from {your bank} and the link goes to{your bank}, guess what they are really doing (hint is in the URL)

Now to the phishing email. This one has to be the tops as far as SPAMmer laziness.

Attention Comcast Account Holder,

              LAST NOTICE

We are currently performing maintenance for our Digital mail
Account owners due to the rate of internet passwords and other
informations problems. And we discovered that our mail account
owners have been receiving phishing mails form imposters asking
for their personal informations.So we intend upgrading our Digital
mail Security Server for better online services.

In order to ensure you do not experience service interruption,
Please you must reply to this email immediately and enter your Comcast
id here: (************) and password here:(************)
for security reasons and Check out your new features and enhancements
with your new and improved mail account. To enable us upgrade your
Account; for better online services please reply to this mail.

NB: We request your username and password for Identification
purpose only.

Comcast Support

Come on guys, do you really think anyone is going to respond to an email at thinking it is really from Comcast. Show a little creativity here. I have half a mind to set up an engine that floods the gmail account with bogus information, but that would require a few minutes of my time, so I think I will scratch that idea.

Peace and Grace,


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