Online friends you have never met (not even online)

I was looking through my "spaces" messages and friend requests today and I noticed there are about 15 friend requests from people I do not know. Now, this might seem normal to some people, but I wonder what is compelling people to want to "be my friend". Did they read an entry on my blog that touched their heart? Or, are they trying to gather online friends, as if it is some contest. Or, is it something else?
I am a bit more liberal with linking to people on some sites than others, but I don’t think I have added many Internet "friends" whom I had not at least had an online conversation with. Yet, I have 15 people who have not even commented on this blog who want me to be their online friend.
If you are one of these people, please understand that I am not rejecting you. I write this blog to push out ideas, most of them insights in computer programming. It is not an attempt to gather online friends. If you are sincere about wanting me to add you, then let’s at least meet. Drop a comment and let’s converse.
There is a part of me that wonders what new scam can be perpetuated by adding someone as a friend. It is too much work, I would think, just to get my personal email, but maybe that is it? I am not sure, but I am not adding these people as friends until I meet them. End of story.
Now, if you are one who adds a lot of online friends you have not even met online, and see the wisdom in this practice, please drop a comment. I am open to hearing how this is a good thing.
Peace and Grace,

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