Twittering Away My Time

I have been using Twitter now for about 4 months now and decided to give my feedback. For those not familiar, twitter is a "social networking" tool, but not in the traditional sense. Twitter allows you to follow people, which means get messages when they tell you what they are doing. When an individual posts a message, it is called a tweet (how tweet ;->).

The good: I often find out about the latest Microsoft releases through my twitter client. I also get reminders of events I have forgotten, as someone tweets the event and I end up thinking "oh crap, I forgot another one" (forgetting is easy now, with the focus on cancer — lost one of the kids we know on Sunday). It is also useful to send messages back and forth to friends, as long as you do not mind the fact that the world is potentially listening in.

The bad: Many of the twitterers over tweet (some of which are twidiots? — sorry word invented as part of a tweetfest), you can be inundated by way more messages than you can possibly digest. This can be cured by cutting down on notifications for the people you are following. Now, you might not find this to be a bad thing; but you might also live in a basement and never see sunlight. πŸ™‚

The Ugly: I am really not interested when someone a world away is stuck in traffic. And, the tweet about tweeting from the bathroom was just a bit TMI for my tastes. Good thing there are only 140 characters allowed. πŸ™‚

DISCLAIMER: Some people want to know when {Name removed to protect the innocent} is {activity removed for sanity}, not that there is anything wrong with that πŸ˜‰

I have switched to passive tweeting, for the most part, and turned off the push subscription. I was getting a really bad signal to noise ratio for my tastes. Unfortunately, this puts the offense to go out and actively seek messages, which got me to add Tiny Twitter to my phone.

One thing that might be a neat feature is to be able to add a "category" to a tweet, so "I am just writing nonsense" could be flagged and I could decide to ignore it? Of course, tweeters could ignore the category bits, so I guess this is shaky, at best. Plus some actually do tweet via SMS (and not a client, shudder).

Currently, twitter is one of the best ways to follow Microsoft employees and you often get wind of a new product before the general public if you will listen. Not much news in 140 characters, but enough you can keep an eye out for the release. Since twitter has gone out like wildfire in the MS community, you are getting close to where you cannot live without it.

Peace and Grace,

One Response to Twittering Away My Time

  1. kurt says:

    Twitter gets more and more traffic every day but I hate it. I really can’t find anything that makes sense.

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