Microsoft FINALLY Doing Something About SPAM

I write this as a backhanded complement. This morning, Microsoft is FINALLY doing something about the SPAM that has been invading its NNTP server for so many weeks. Today, alone, 21 SPAM headers (all from got to my client. Fortunately, the messages were deleted a bit later and no longer available on the server.

Over the past few weeks, this company has sent 20-30 SPAM messages daily to most of the Microsoft groups and nothing has been done about it. It was hypothesized that Microsoft was dumping NNTP for web support. I wonder if enough stink was raised at last weeks MVP Summit to finally get someone on the problem, or if it was just a filter misplaced. As the messages headers are not gone yet, I would assume that someone is manually deleting the SPAM.

I am glad that something is finally being done about the problem. I hate to see that it had to go on for so long before there was any action.

Peace and Grace,

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