Fitna removed from Live Leak

Under threats from radicals, the site has removed the film Fitna. You can read there statement by clicking this link. Google still has the film posted here, although Tech Crunch is stating that Google might be under threat themselves for allowing the film to be aired.

The film is largely a screed against Islam, by Gert Wilders, an anti-immigration politician in Belgium. In the film, he uses images of 9/11, etc., juxtaposed with surahs from the Koran. His message is that Islam teaches violence and wants to subjugate the entire world.

Gert’s message is a caricature of the complexity that is the Muslim world. As with other caricatures, it is partially true, especially when one views some members of the community, but is also partially false.

The saddest thing is the threats against, most likely by radical members of the Islamic community, add fuel to the fire for those who wish to produce such epithets. It is essentially saying, "we are peaceful, and if you say we are violent, we will kill you." It is an unnecessary fuel added to an already growing fire.

Being objective, Fitna does expose a raw side of Islam that exists. We cannot sweep it under the rug and ignore it. Also objective, it is not the only side of Islam. It is for this reason we must fight both against fundamentalist Islam, which aims to destroy those who speak against it AND caricatures which paint all muslims as fundamentalists. But we must wage this battle with words, not threats of violence.

Free speech is designed to allow voices we disagree with to have their say. This is why it has protected pornography, the printing of plans to the atomic bomb, and even sharp criticism of various ideologies, religious or otherwise. Even those who are raving mad should have the right to have their voice heard. When violence, or threats of violence, silence dissenting voices, even those we strongly disagree with, it is a dark day for freedom. I may not stand with Gert Wilders on his message, but I certainly stand behind his right to be heard. I do not denigrate Live Leak for capitulating to the threats against them, but I am glad other venues have stood up for the freedom of speech. Let’s pray the radicals do not follow through with their threats of violence as it will be a set back for the very religion they feel they are protecting and will fuel the fire for further screeds against them.

Peace and Grace,


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