SPAMs and Scams

>>>Edited due to threat of lawsuit.

Posted under the title "Web 2.0 Secrets Revealed".

Almost everybody seems to be talking about Web 2.0 these days. Never
mind the fact that many people throw around the term without knowing
too much about it.
Do you do that too? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. But it’s time you
explored what it was.  Free information available here

This then takes you to a page that has a video, designed to hook you in to giving up your email address. After giving up your email, you get to a page that shows some info about the product, which is really just a hook to get you to click to another site.

How the Scheme Works

Person 1 creates a product, or buys rights to a product, he wishes to sell. He puts the product up on click bank, a site dedicated to people peddling crap. Now there are multiple ways it can be sold from click bank.

Person A will set up a blog site with enough content to get hits, especially from search engines that are not up on this scam yet. He will have the site up for a few days, posting content he either writes or pays for. It is interesting enough content to rise in rankings on some search engines. Then, person A writes a review for the product he is hawking, a product for which he will earn a 50%+ commission on each sale, minus commissions paid to click bank. Eventually he will get tired of this racket and sell a book detailing how he made a few dollars writing blogs, although the reality is he will not make much of anything. He will make more off the book than he ever did off of the work blogging.

Person B is a company like affiliate silver bullet. This company makes video squeeze pages (their term, not mine), like the one advertised in the SPAM. You then use them to set up the squeeze page and "keyword rich" mini site and pay $37/month to keep the two pages active. Considering you can build one of your own for less than $10 a month?

Person C is the moron who actually SPAMmed the newsgroup. He bought from Affialiate Silver Bullet to sell this product.

Now, let’s look at the product. It looks pretty nice. Even has two case studies:

  1. Case study for Monthly visits jumped from 638 to 2774 in one month, supposedly by using this product (which sells for $97, but you can get it today for $47). Looking at the adult stem cell site, it is a wordpress blog page (more on this in a second).
  2. Case study for Same basic story. Only this site does not create its own content as it states the articles are from Friends HomeHealth Care Guide.

At least one of these sites appears to be a site designed to generate adsense revenue. I am not sure about the other as I have not delved far enough to find if it has a "review" of a product he is touting. Either way, both sites appear a bit shady.

Digging Further

Using WHOIS, we find that the web2submitter (click for whois info) site is owned by a Brandon Hall from Johnson City, Tennessee. It has been up for one year. He is listed on as a sale of $21.22 with a commission of 50% (the prices have changed, which means he is either trying to screw Click Bank, the seller, or Click Bank is not up to date). The software was probably purchased by Brandon for the purpose of setting up these garbage Internet pages. is owned by Wild West Domains, Inc., who has it registered to a Matt Canham of, a site that, amongst other things, has info on how to make money on the internet using viral marketing and blog marketing. So, that pretty much confirms his site is part of the Internet selling machine that breeds these bogus sites like crap breeds flies. is owned by Rowell Bulan, the editor of, a site that also contains a wide variety of links to money making ideas, although these all are just Lorem ipsum, so I would assume he is aiming at Google Adsense. A search shows that Rowell Bulan is a online marketer.

So, you market with two case studies from two marketers? But, there are enough fish that do not investigate (perhaps do not even know what WHOIS is).

Affiliate Silver Bullet is owned by [another Internet marketer. Due to threats of a lawsuit for libel, I am removing the info (you can look it up). I feel this is fair, as people using your product to aid in their nefarious schemes to get wealthy selling crap does not make you guilty. The majority of these types of Internet promotion applications are generally used by people who are not above board, so I will let you make up your own mind].

I still am under the opinion that the entire business of Internet marketing to create marketing, building blogs to bring traffic to your marketing site (ie, no real value), cyber squatting, and the like, are bad practices that degrade the value of the web.

What about our original SPAM site? It is owned by Frank Pasinski of Chester, Cheshire, GB, who, according to this site, is also trying to sell how to make money on the Internet. His SPAM email address is, but you can find his real email here by doing a search on

Want to make money on the Internet for Free

Find a product. Then, start a blog on that topic. Be sure to post a few blog entries. Then, start other blogs pointing to blog one. Sure, this is unethical as all hell, but you are just trying to get ranked high, blotting out any really useful information people like you are normally trying to find on the Internet with your crap. Then, you post a review for the product, as an "unbiased" third party.

To make sure you really make money, you need to add some Google Ad Sense, of course, as well as dozens of other ads that would keep SMART people away. But, you are trying to hook dumb people, so why should you care.

After all, why should it matter you are defecating all over the WWW and turning the Internet into a sewer as long as YOU are making bucks.

Next step. You find your site is really not generating the millions the book you bought promised, so you decide to peddle a book of your own. You use the same blogs, email and usenet SPAM, but you also seed peer to peer networks with PDFs that are a copy of your hook site.

In the end, you still don’t make a huge amount of money, although you are advertising a picture of a Ferrrari you found via a Google image search. But, what does it really hurt, as long as YOU are making money?

You probably think that this system is too stupid to actually work, but if you search enough you will find this is precisely what people are hawking. But, perhaps you believe it is really going to work for YOU. Kewl, but I also suggest you give out your bank account to someone in Uganda to guarantee your wealth.

How to really make money

This one is simple. It is called GET A JOB. Yeah, I know it is not as fun as spending your time online trying to bilk others out of their hard earned cash for pure garbage, but it is one of the surest ways to actually … get this … MAKE MONEY.

Peace and Grace,


2 Responses to SPAMs and Scams

  1. big says:

    Greg,This is Dustin Struckman. You are not only wrong about the indictments in your blog post, but also in danger of being sued for libel. I will be contacting my attorney TODAY and giving you 24 hours to REMOVE any and all false and slanderous statements from this post. You’re certainly entitled to you opinion. However when you make false statements, as though they were fact, in a publication you are breaking the law.Please feel free to contact me with any questions you need clarified and I’ll be happy to answer them. But you must immediately remove all of your inaccurate claims about me from this post.This is a very serious matter and I will not treat it lightly.Dustin

  2. Gregory says:

    I have adjusted the entry, giving you the benefit of the doubt.

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