Diskeeper 2008

I have been using Diskeeper for quite some time now. I got an upgrade to the 2008 version in December and I have not taken the time to write about it. When something works without you having to kick it in the side, you tend to forget about it.

I am only thinking about it now as I am currently clogged up again and I am going to run a boot time defrag. While most of the time, I do not have to manually intervene, as Diskeeper does a great job of keeping my machine in good shape, there are times when I do. Generally it is because of my own obsession with packratting new technology. 🙂

If you are not familiar with Diskeeper, or other defrag tools, you might wonder why you should have one instead of the built in defrag with windows. There are a quite a few reasons I can think of:

  1. Built in defrag is rather weak
  2. Built in defrag can not selectively defrag for best performance (ignoring certain files that are not accessed often, etc.)
  3. Built in defrag gives you very little information about what it is doing
  4. Built in defrag cannot defrag Paging files or your Master File Table (MFT)
  5. Built in defrag will not automatically defrag in the background. This, to me, is well worth the price of admission
  6. Built in defrag will not tell you the shape of your MFT and let you easily expand it. Sure you can find this out via the command line.
  7. Built in defrag cannot monitor your Paging files and MFT and keep it fast
  8. Built in defrag has no updates, except perhaps security patches

I love fire and forget programs, especially utility programs. I also love to dink with them when I notice issues. If Diskeeper could also clear out useless temp files and temporary internet files while it defragged, I would love it even more. Just my two cents.

Yeah, it is kind of geeky praising a utility.

Peace and Grace,


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