Silverlight 2 beta 1 install

After continuous prodding from a friend who guaranteed me that the beta 1 bits were very clean, I finally acquiesced and installed. To my chagrin, it failed on the tools install. So, here is a bit of advice if you are going to tackle this monkey.

  1. Don’t install the SDK if you are going to install the Visual Studio tools. The install of the tools will fail.
  2. The tools install is the best way to proceed as it bootstraps itself and loads everything
  3. The SDK install (see above note) will not install without the Silverlight "plug in". This is the option for those of you who do not want tools.
  4. Uninstall all previous 1.1 bits. This should go without saying. And, this includes KB949325 for Visual Studio. Uninstalling this bit removes Silverlight tools completely, so be prepared to reinstall if you are currently developing in Silverlight.

There is also an Expression Studio beta out, if you want to use tools other than Visual Studio.

If you are aiming for serious Silverlight 2 work, I would download the Studio. Note, that Expression Web 2 does not contain Silverlight 2 bits, although it does contain Silverlight 1 tools. Make sure you have .NET Framework 3.5 installed. Of course, if you are planning on working with Silverlight 2, this should not be a problem as you most likely already have Visual Studio 2008 installed.

Should you install these bits? That is up to you. Remember that you are dealing with betas, so I would advise installing on a non-production machine, or a virtual image.

One more thing: There is a Internet Explorer 8 VPC image available for testing your sites. Scroll down on the page to find the proper image for your testing.

Now that I am done with this entry, I find another blog entry with more info linked off of Brad Abrams blog.

Peace and Grace,

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