Silverlight 2, beta 1 and ASP.NET Extensions (MVC) previews out

The Silverlight 2 beta is now out, for those who like to be on the bleeding edge. I have heard it is very stable, but I do warn that it is a beta, so play at your own risk.

If you do decide to download, ignore the SDK download unless you want to go naked (without tools). If you install the SDK and then the tools, the tool install fails. Not sure why, as both the SDK and the tools are the same version, but he Silverlight tools installer sees the SDK as an older version of the SDK. This may be fixed by the end of the day, but if you are aiming at tools, just try the tools download first.

If you are going to develop in Silverlight 2, please remember to clear your browser cache from time to time. This is true of any web development, but especially when you are using functionality embedded into the browser (Flash, Silverlight, some JavaScript).

Other sites of interest

After you download, go see the Hard Rock Memorabilia application. I would love to see a mobile application that I can play with. There are some mentioned on the keynote video (live streaming right now).

The next ASP.NET extensions preview and the MVC Framework preview are also out on the market. MVC is included in the extensions preview, so you should not have to download both. I will have more details as I play with this further.

Oh, if you are really brave (heheheh), you can also try the Internet Explorer 8 beta.

Peace and Grace,


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