New Indiana Jones Movie Trailer Released

Okay, this may not be really new, but I just saw it and wanted to share.

I remember seeing the first the day it opened, prior to the first showing (I worked in the theater at the time). That summer, I saw it 60 times (funny how many friends you find you have when you can get them in a movie for free, eh?). By the end, I had memorized pretty much every line.

The second movie (Temple of Doom) was a stinking blob of fecal mass. It had action, but whose braindead idea was it to throw in an irritating kid as the comic to Indie’s straight man? The Last Crusade brought back some of the fun, although I am not sure anything could really have lived up to the first one. This trailer sure looks like Speilberg has got his game back; hope the real thing is as good.

Peace and Grace,

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