More about Windows Vista

I have maintained, for months, that Vista is basically a turd. I have some friends that disagree and will even post, from time to time, that they disagree. I am now finally considering upgrading my home Vista machine to Windows XP, as well.

The problem is Vista is just too intrusive. Despite my account being an administrator, it still wants to protect me from myself and stop me from getting to specific folders. In this case, it is the Local >> Internet Temporary Files directory. My reason for desiring to get there is to find an URL of a video embedded in a web page.

No, don’t tell me how to do it, as I really don’t care. Unless you can show me how to do the following task in less than the 3 minutes it took me to do it on Windows XP, you are wasting your time. I will even tell you how I did it on Windows XP to help you in your journey.

First, go to News Channel Five and find a video. The one in question for me starts from article Then find the actual mms link for the video in that article (not the mandatory commercial, but the actual video of the story). Then record it on your own PC.

Here are my stats:

Vista: 35 minutes and never found the actual link as I cannot gain permissions to the temporary internet files folder (as an admin, I might add)
XP: Approximately 2 minutes to find and record

Now, I accept that I might be a bit dense about Vista, as I have not completely bitten the bug. But if you can honestly do it in less time than I have on Windows XP, then you might have a case that Vista works better on this fuction. Personally, I find it annoying that I cannot, as an admin, easily search my entire drive. Perhaps your experience is different?

I already have an idea which friend will respond to this. Wink

Oh, my Webkinz saga? They contacted me twice. Once asking me to send them a ton of information and once with a toll free number. I will try the toll free number first as it cures my daughter’s anxiety quicker. We will see how they handle things on the phone, but I am hopefull. It is the first sign of life I have seen.

Peace and Grace,


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