Webkinz saga continued

I got an answer back from webkinz support on my query. If you read my last post, I had to attach it to a question that did not fit my problem, as they had no entry for my problem. The answer:


Thank you for writing to us. You were having problems with your Webkinz World account.

In order for us to properly address your issue, please go to www.webkinz.com and click on the ‘Customer Support’ link, located below the ‘Log In’ button.

Once you find your specific question, please fill out the corresponding form and send us your request.

Thank you,

Webkinz Customer Support

Okay, so you are saying I have to search for my problem, which does not exist in YOUR system? Doesn’t that sound a bit … well … impossible?

The problem is simple. I have three kids with webkinz. In the clamor to get online, child 2 gave me child 3’s tag. Now she has a Penguin webkin, but a Arabian Horse online. You have a reset feature, which is telling me it cannot reset. I have no clue what piece of information it is choking on, but it will not reset the account. I can’t move the horse to my other daughter’s account, as I cannot create an account without an animal. I guess I could assign the other animal to the other child’s account, but I cannot straighten out their information. Now, they might not care, but I do. The account in question is ebeamer. And, I just sent you the secret code in an email, if you actually answer the support email (it’s possible, I guess that you only answer things coming through the support form, which you will not answer unless someone fits in a box?).

Now that I am hopping a bit, I also find it annoying that I have to create 3 parent accounts (some day four, as I have a 3 year old, as well) to administer 3 child accounts. Perhaps a single parent can have more than one child? I am not sure why this was not in the specifications.

Now, I understand about changing account names, as that is a royal pain for developers. But, changing the child’s name. Why is that impossible in the system. What if someone typos while entering the information. Same with birthdate. Why is there no facility, or at least no obvious facility, for changing information?

My kids love the world, but I am currently sitting here awaiting an answer from you, which may not come as you are asking me to find a question that does not exist.

What am I going to have to do? Options:

  1. Keep submitting help desk tickets until I annoy you enough to help me?
  2. Take the webkin I mistakenly entered in back and get another horse? That would really mess you up, as the store will likely end up with a sticker that does not work for another customer, as the employee will likely put it back on the shelf, even if I tell the story?
  3. Buy more webkinz? I don’t think that is going to be my option until this saga is over, although I can think of a clever way to help myself through this garbage doing it that way
  4. Switch my kids?
  5. Switch toys? Yeah, like that one will go over.

Come on guys. Don’t tell me "you have to write us with the proper subject" when it does not exist. Just give me a bone here.


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