Dinner time update

I have been mushroomed through much of this and I only get small amounts of information. I am finding that some of the information I have is incorrect.
I now have a clarification that the mass is NOT liquid, but there is liquid around it. I would guess this is the white blood cells attacking the infection source (the mass?). They took an X-Ray and the liquid has increased in volume, so it is a critical time to get some antibiotics in her system to fight the infection. We can then focus on the mass.
THeyhave tried six times to get an IV started and it finally took in her foot. Her case has been turned over to haematology and oncology, so blood and masses (potentially cancer?) are the focus now. She is still in an emergency room bed, as there are no rooms at the inn.
I feel a bit blind at this moment, as I am separated from my wife and child, so I have to trust in God and the doctors that are caring for her.
I thank each of you for your prayers. They are appreciated.
Peace and Grace,

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