Vista is gone

My saga is over. Only a few hours.

The solution is simple. Copy the SMINST directory from one computer to another (have another HP computer that is my home machine – also blue screens regulary, adding to my belief that HP sucks, but that is a story for another day). Anyway, fire off start.exe with the /run switch (as starting start.exe without run does nothing – flag protection?). Then, it is YES, I want to recover and reboot. About 30 minutes later I am installing all of my software again. Oh Joy!!!

The thing that will really take the cake is if I find Vista was working perfectly and HP is the entire problem.

NOw, more info on the Vista problem. If you are a developer, there are a few issues.

  • You have to jump through hoops to get Visual Studio developing under IIS 7. Even after installing the Vista patch, you have a couple of requirements that you must follow. First, you have to run Visual Studio as an administrator. Second, you have to flip your sites to an app pool that runs correctly under 2.0. The second is not as bad as it sounds.
  • Spent more than six months, on this machine, under XP and never had a problem with Visual Studio. Under Vista, it ends up with corrupt settings from time to time. You can use the devenv.exe switches to reset the IDE. At least that was the case until today, when the switches no longer worked.

I love Vista. I think it is both beautiful and quite functional. And, once they have Orcas out and iron out the probems, I will likely be back for a second try. At this point in time, however, I think Microsoft is releasing too much software too fast to get it all working properly together.


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