My reinstallation saga (or why HP sucks – at least support)

Well, I thought I was saying goodbye to Vista, but Hp will not let me.

HP computers come with a recovery partition. This is a part of your drive that contains everything necessary to recover your computer to factory specifications. According to the nc8430 manual, you simply press F11 when the computer starts and recovery is on its way. Not so with my particular laptop. Vista booted as normal.

I figured I could install the recovery tool that accessed the recovery partition from the site. Sounds fair enough. You add a partition and have software to use it, it seems you should have a way to access that software, right? No, there is no install. And, as my Vista upgrade required a toasting of the hard drive, I no longer have the required software.

So, support should be able to help. Makes sense, after all that is what people pay support for is to help people. The coversation was rather short (paraphrased as I have shut down the window).

Me: I need to recovery my computer to factory specifications. I have installed Vista and it required a new installation. The recovery partitiion is still there. I have tried F11 on boot and it is not working. I need one of three options:
1. How to install with the boot recovery option. F11 is not working on my computer.
2. How to get the software to initiate the recovery from Vista. It must be available to download from somewhere.
3. How to get the standard Microsoft media to recognize the hard drive, as it tells me there is none, probably due to some setting you guys have enabled to stop people from installing standard Microsoft OS software.

Guy in some other country: I understand you are having trouble recovering your HP computer.

Me: yes.

Guy in some other country: Start up the recovery program.

Me: I do not have the recovery program.

Guy in some other country: Then use the recovery disks.

Me: I stated I did not have the recovery disks, I merely want to use the boot recovery option or download the software that can start the process.

Guy in some other country: Canned you have to call support to order disks for a nominal fee message.

What a  load. I have to order disks because you have no other support option than "buy disks". I have a full partition with everything I need and I am sure there is someone at some level of support that knows how to fire it up without purchasing disks and waiting many days to recieve them. Are you saying that the partition is useless unless you leave things precisely as it was original set up or your buy disks?

Me: Are you saying the only way to restore my computer is to buy recovery disks, even if the partition is still there?

Guy in some other countries: You said you could not access the recovery program, so you have to buy the disks.

So, I am going to see if I can move the recovery FUD from another HP computer and do it that way. I see no reason to buy a set of disks when I already have the full contents of the damned disk on my computer. It will probably fail, as there are millions of registry entries, but I am going to try.


3 Responses to My reinstallation saga (or why HP sucks – at least support)

  1. Frank says:

    Don’t feel alone. Dealt with email support for a replacement keyboard. Bought my laptop dv2047 from Sam’s Dec 8,2006. Contacted support in Jan about the spacebar. The only way it would actuate was if you hit it dead center. A couple mm off and no joy. Asked to ship a replacement (billing software and client’s files a bit sensitive, and have some software that has limited number of keys. No way I could go without.
    They sent me the instructions for replacing it, but wouldn’t send the keyboard (5 back-and-forths later). By this time I’m using a bluetooth keyboard, so isn’t a pressing issue. (Did I mention that I was an electronics calibration and repair tech and ran two labs in the AF?)
    Flash forward to Nov 07, less than a month left on warranty, and I don’t have the keys, but figure that I can get along without the billings for a week. Contact them and state a preference for self-install. They came up with the same mantra (India–mantra—ah, what’s the use) and tossed in a new twist: They say that the laptop waranty expired in Aug.
    So, I have to email a copy of the receipt, plus fill out forms–will supposedly hear from them immediately about the update warranty date. Nada. Nothing. No communication what so ever.
    So, the warranty is out, I will have to pay about $80 for a keyboard, and I’m pissed.
    Will I recommend HP or Compaq to customers (I do VAR medical systems and teach part-time)? Probably not. They can stop sending me business system catalogs.
    I’ll probably still support their printers, since I can second-source the parts, and they are workhorses. But I’ve got three (two HPs and one Compaq) laptops in, and I’ve basically told the owners to replace them with Dells. Three more customers have been advised to go with Dell servers. All for a freaking keyboard. Original support #KMM14560722V43597L0KM.
    (During the last segment of tech support conversation, I replaced a screen, partial case, and DVD drive in a Compaq r3000 for a client (a daughter’s friend sat on it)).

  2. Unknown says:

    HP Sucks! How can this company still be in business!?!
    After the hell I’ve had dealing with hp it is at least semi-comforting to know that I’m not the only one! If I can spend my last dying breath giving one piece of advice to anyone buying a computer- DO NOT EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM HP!!! Their products are sub-par, and their customer service is non-existent! I have spent a year and a half dealing with these idiots and I can tell you from personal experience that spending money with hp is equivalent to throwing your money away!I bought an HP Pavillion laptop 2 years ago which continually broke down over the course of the first six months of ownership, all for the same problem that the repair center was incapable of fixing- a faulty video card. The third time I sent it back they told me there were had no parts left to fix it and that I would have to wait 4 weeks for them to either repair it or replace it. SIX weeks later I still had no computer & customer service, when they did bother to return my phone calls, kept telling me there weren’t any laptops available to replace it! After almost eight weeks I finally recieved a new laptop with a downgraded operating system. Literally the first time I turned on the new laptop to connect to the internet the screen flashed out and went black, the exact same problem that had happened with my last computer. I got so frustrated I put the thing away for a couple of months, knowing that since I had bought an extended warranty with my purchase I could contact customer service again once I had cooled off. A few months later I contacted hp again, and having been told that it would be repaired, sent my laptop off in their provided box. Two days later I got the computer back with a note from the repair department stating it was not covered under warranty, and would not be repaired. I called customer service and left 6 messages. No one returned my call. I then wrote a letter to the Board of Directors. I recieved an email a week later from the head of customer service asking for details of my complaint. I replied back and explained the situation, giving him names, dates, warranty numbers, etc. That was 6 months ago, and I still haven’t gotten anyone to reply since. THIS COMPANY IS CRAP FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM! They do not stand behind their sub-par products, and they will not honor their warranties. Take it from everyone who has gone through this- avoid them like grim death!

  3. Lance FIsher says:

    I know this is an old post, but I’m having a similar problem. I actually put in a new hard drive, and I don’t have the recovery disks. I called HP support. I would have paid for the recovery disks, but since my mother-in-law’s computer was older than 5 years, the disks aren’t even available! HP could do nothing. I’ll never buy an HP computer.

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